King Cage and the Slaughterhouse Blues

“First it eats, then it drinks, then we’re screwed…”

Legendary graffiti artist King Cage just wants to paint. To hell with fame and fortune, no matter what his sidekick says. But when a blue djinni breaks free of its portrait, the King is forced to venture into the upstairs world, pitting his own need for privacy against the djinni’s need to eat.

With an art dealer under his heels and the NYPD’s best on his tail, the King must distract his pursuers from the djinni while hunting it, both above ground and in the wild world below. But with every kill, the djinni gets a little smarter, a little stronger… and much, much larger.

Will the King put an end to the djinni’s gargantuan appetite, or will he—and all of New York City—be consumed by it?