Moss Doesn’t Grow on a Rolling Stone

Our industry reinvents itself every five years. Trends change. Marketing strategies change. Social media platforms change. Superstars come and go. Get-rich-quick gurus rise and fall. Your network expands and contracts with the purge of one-hit-wonders and the bloat of new talent.

Thankfully, it isn’t hard to keep ahead of the curve. It just means living like a rolling stone. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Don’t blindly follow advice. What worked last year very likely won’t work next year. Don your explorer’s cap. Learn from other’s maps, but remember you’re going to have to draw your own. If their map says, “here be dragons,” go looking, because dragons guard treasure.

No matter what you do, keep tumbling. Wear away your jagged edges. Try new things. Measure your results. Map your course. Seek out new strategies. Heck, invent some of your own. Pick up momentum and, as you rush down that hill, take to the air.