Speak, Friend, and Enter

Whatever your personal brand or private character, when it comes to your career, be a friend to all. Never leave a bad review. Never badmouth a colleague. Never refuse to cooperate because of personal differences. Never, ever burn a bridge. Not only because you may need that bridge in future. But also because there are others who may benefit from such a bridge, even if you find it too narrow, too wobbly, too risky.

Our industry is a watering hole in the savanna. If you piss it in too much, sure, you’ll kill some squawky birds you think the world is better off without. But you’ll also kill a few who didn’t deserve it. Worse, it won’t take long for the other animals to stop comin’ ‘round. And soon they’ll be no one to drink all that piss but you.

Primum non nocere, tunc esse liberalis.

First do no harm, then be generous. Demonstrate to your readers and your fellow professionals that you’re magnanimous, cooperative, and reliable. Build bridges, and others will do the same.