Your Community Is Your Career

We’ve all heard it said. Authors are an introverted bunch. They don’t like large crowds. They keep to themselves. But make no mistake: Your network still matters. The fact is, strong social connections are worth double in our industry, simply because so many authors are too anxious to build those connections themselves. Authors are indeed an introverted bunch, but they crave community.

Start small, and reach out to other authors in your genre, your sub-genre, your local county. Be curious about everyone you meet. Ask questions. Discover what they’re good at and what they need help with. And make no bones about what you’re doing. You aren’t networking; you’re building friendships.

And as you develop those friendships, think of ways you can help. Play matchmaker for authors with interlocking strengths and weaknesses. Start writing groups or business masterminds with a Captain Planet-like range of personalities that “fit” together. Organize events (in-person or online) that match the needs of your author allies.

Sooner than you think—and with far less work than you’ll think—you’ll find yourself at the center of a vibrant community looking to help you like you helped them. That’s what friends are for… now go make some!