“First it eats, then it drinks, then we’re screwed…”

Legendary graffiti artist King Cage just wants to paint. To hell with fame and fortune, no matter what his sidekick says. But when a blue djinni breaks free of its portrait, the King is forced to venture into the upstairs world, pitting his own need for privacy against the djinni’s need to eat.

With an art dealer under his heels and the NYPD’s best on his tail, the King must distract his pursuers from the djinni while hunting it, both above ground and in the wild world below. But with every kill, the djinni gets a little smarter, a little stronger… and much, much larger.

Will the King put an end to the djinni’s gargantuan appetite, or will he—and all of New York City—be consumed by it?

One thing stands between Earth and invasion—spray paint.

In the secret recesses of New York City, King Cage battles the djinn, a race of ageless elementals who seek to make our world slave to their desires. Only the King can stop them. But when a street kid steals his cans in the middle of binding a particularly ferocious djinni, the King must race against time to take back his supplies and finish the piece. If he doesn’t, the djinni will kill thousands. Millions. Maybe everyone, everywhere.

The King had better get his cans back soon.

Everyone thought he was just a nerd, but then he drew the gun…

Hero Banner is sick of standing in his brother’s shadow. But when Fred saves him from yet another beating, Hero will do anything for a chance to set the record straight. His plan? Go to the Graduation Eve rave, point a gun at his tormentor’s head, and force him to apologize in front of everyone…

Fueled by rage and LSD, Hero takes aim. Then all hell breaks loose. The police arrive, the ravers scatters, and the bully steals gun. Hero and his friends flee into the woods with a target on their backs, where just to survive, each must stare down the barrel of their own disturbed past.

Can Hero confront his darkest secrets before it costs the wrong person their life?